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About me and us

My name is Tanya. I’m a navy spouse. Although our original plan, when we were first married, was for my husband to get out when reenlistment came up, God changed our hearts and minds and we decided to stay in and give overseas duty a shot. We lived in Japan–first central, then northern end of Honshu Island–from 2006-2012 and had 3 of our 5 children here. There was a brief stint Washington state in 2008, but that’s a long story. 🙂 We hope to move to the Northwest area when we retire from the Navy. But we’ll see what other surprises God has in store for us
We made the decision to homeschool when our oldest was about to enter Kindergarten. Though it was something we’d always talked about, we weren’t sure how to jump in. I spent the last 6-7 months reading, researching, learning, talking to experienced moms, and just taking in everything I could so we could finally do this. During that time I was introduced to Charlotte Mason and I have not looked back since.
Caleb is our oldest. When he was young he had what they call a developmental delay. His speech–clarity, pattern, grasp of language, etc–and his fine motor skills are behind most of his peers. However, 2 years of therapy and special schooling did wonders for him. He still has some issues, and we are planning to have him tested for other causes. But using the Charlotte Mason method has continued to help him improve in all areas of concern.
Isaac is our next one. Rambunctious, totally boy through and through, so loving, a natural helper and encourager (you should hear him cheer daddy on when daddy is doing his Wii workout). . .he’s quite a character. Things have to crash and bang, but he also needs love and affection. He also will talk your ear off . . . about anything.
Makenzie is next, the middle and willful one! Fiery, devious, smart, comical, and all girl with tomboy thrown in there somewhere.  She tests the waters but desires to be loved and wanted for who she is. She’s forcing me to grow in more ways than I thought possible.
Steven Lee is next on the list. He took Isaac’s natural boy-ness and increased it 100 times! “All boy” is an understatement. So far, in spite of Makenzie’s many attempts to be the first to score a serious injury, he’s the only who has. Staples in the head, one tooth knocked out, and just recensteven in hard hattly bit a hole in his tongue (the kind that will heal on it’s own, but still). As a baby he loved to grab me by the sides of my face–ears, hair, whatever–and pull me in for multiple slobbery kisses. He’s still lovable, and all smiles all the time.
autumn is too cuteLast but not least, Autumn. Shirley Temple revisited, if you will, with her golden curls that seem destined to stay. Rambunctious, more girly girl in one pinky than her older sister has in her whole body, spunky, comedic, clever (too clever for her own good), the fun with her never ends.
We’re an Orthodox Presbyterian family and love to read, watch good movies and tv, listen to “Wait Wait” radio program, and play music. I make my own bread and vanilla extract, along with other make-at-home foods, but I’m far from domestic goddess or granola. We’re always learning, growing, and stretching ourselves and our family.


4 responses to “About me and us

  1. Tristan says:

    You stoppped by my blog asking about using the Abacus. I was using it for my very beginners. So for example in Ray’s Primary Mathematics on page 12 it asks “How many are two birds and five birds?” The child would slide two beads on one line then five beads on the other to the right, or two on one line and then five on the same line to the right. Our big use for the abacus was that we could do the hands on manipulatives without little pennies or pebbles or beads scattering everywhere over the table.

  2. kimsandiego says:

    Time for an update! 🙂

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