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Term 2 schedule

on March 3, 2017

I was asked recently to share “how I do it”. How I schedule multiple years using Ambleside Online. How I get through the day.

Honestly, by the skin of my teeth. 😉 I do have a plan in place. What I don’t have is a “typical day”. In fact, while my mornings 4 days a week look roughly the same, my afternoons 3 days a week are different. And we recently moved my daughter’s ballet class to Thursday afternoons, which means that 4 days went down to 3, and only 2 afternoons look the same.

Confused yet? Still want to see it? 😀

Keep in mind that it’s a framework. I need to remind myself of that, to be honest. Because I would LOVE for my one “typical” day–and my 3 “average” mornings–to be how we did everything. I would love to say that because of this, we are right on track with our year’s work. That is simply not the case. The curriculum, the year schedule, and even our weekly/daily schedules are there to help guide my children’s education, not control it or dictate it. And as it is, what I have mapped out is rarely held to every day of the week. Some weeks get thrown off altogether.

I want to start by clarifying two times of the day: Circle Time and Family Time. The first is in the morning. This I JUST added back in after struggling forever with it. But I have a framework and idea now. I had to work out my “why”. Don’t do Circle Time or Morning Basket or anything just because everyone else says it’s magical. Have a reason, and then have a plan. Then be ready to change it up. 🙂 Also keep in mind your family dynamics. For me, these two times will act as bookends for our day. I’ll explain this in a separate post. Our morning Circle Time is just getting my kids together to focus us before we start our day. We pray, sing a hymn, read 1-3 Catechism questions, do the Pledge of Allegiance one day a week, and discuss a habit we are working on as a family, and how we can implement it that day. Then I dismiss to get their things together. Family Time is in the afternoon and I have a list of rotating subjects that I fit in–Composer, General Geography (the Charlotte Mason and H. Long books), Literature, Fairy Tales, Health (Human Anatomy), Handicrafts, Music Lessons, Nature Study, and General Language Arts (basics like alphabetizing, using dictionaries, etc). If you think I get to all that every week, I’m afraid I have to disillusion you. But they are there, and when we can, we do them. I still try to get my kids together twice a day for family time.

So now I’ll share my week below. The times I include are what I aim for–if I didn’t get much sleep, or someone is sick, it might be off. There is no average day to share, so I’ll just share the days that are alike and then the individual ones. I have one child in Y1, one finishing up Y2 from last year (another post for another time), one in Y4, and one in Y5 but doing some Y4 work with his younger brother. See how I mix it up? 😛 I’m also not sharing what some people share–breakfast, dress, chores, etc. Yes we fit that all in (obviously), but giving it a time constraint isn’t realistic. And not important, really. I do try to be up at a certain time, try to have breakfast done by a certain time, etc. But that’s on me watching the clock.

Monday and Wednesday:

8:30-8:45  Family Circle Time

8:45-9:00  Preschool/K time with my 4.5 yo. This just means reading her stories, letting her practice her letters and numbers, etc. Really simple.
–My other kids get their school things together and start chores

9:00-9:45 Y1–usually history, reading practice, penmanship, brief math (he’s taught himself, oddly, so I just go over a concept or practice using an abacus with him).
–Y2 does typing or chores, sometimes a reading or math app on her Kindle
–Y4 and Y5 start working

9:45-10:00  Seabird. This is a Y2 geography book that I am doing with my Y1 and Y2 student together.

10:00-10:45  Y2–history, reading practice, penmanship, math. My Y1 student goes to do typing, chores, or play
–Y1 goes to do typing and a math workbook; I don’t use workbooks usually but this gives him something useful to do

10:45-11:00  Check on Y4 and Y5, get narrations or give guidance (which sometimes is my getting them back on track . . .we have habits to work on)

11:00-12:00  I prepare and serve lunch, and eat something myself.

12:00-1:30  On these two days we do FaceTime with friends in the Midwest. We do Spanish, Shakespeare, and Mythology. We were doing Native American studies but she had to drop it the second half of this term, so I’m doing that subject with my oldest in the afternoon.

2:00-3:00 Family Time

3:00-3:30 Extra work with Y4 and Y5. This includes Native American studies, Narrations, and will soon be Sloyd or other geometry work.


This day we have friends come over and do Y1 work plus some group activities. It’s the only  day I don’t have Circle Time scheduled. Also, the afternoon group things are rather hopeful–that is, it’s on there, but we’ve done it maybe one or two times. Again, we try. 🙂

8:30-9:00 Set up, play time (this is when they arrive)

9:00-9:30 Picture Study, Bible (using the AO schedule of readings)

9:30-9:40 Form I Spanish. This is with her daughter, who is Y1, and my Y1 son.
–Everyone else is dismissed to start work or do chores.

9:45-10:30 Y2 work–Penmanship, History, Math, Natural History, and Form II Spanish
–Y1 students are working with my friend

11:00-12:00 Lunch. Really, lunch has been later until now. But I want to start having it a bit earlier every day, including this one.

12:00-1:30 Group Time–Songs, Nature Study (nature journal activity, nature walk, or other exploration with a book). I may be adding in drawing lessons as well.

1:30-3:00 Y4 and Y5 narrations, Native American studies, Math, and Form II Spanish
–younger kids are playing


We recently moved my daughter to the homeschool ballet class on Thursdays, so academics are very light. We do Circle Time, I do 3-4 subjects with my daughter (Y2), I do Dictation and Narrations with my Y4 and Y5 students, then we head off to Balboa Park. When we get home I do 3 subjects with my Y4 and Y5. That’s it.


My one and only full day at home with just my kids. It is exactly like Monday and Wednesday except no FaceTime.

That’s it. 🙂


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