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What is different

on March 6, 2016

How Charlotte Mason is different: 
“…we have no system of education….We have a method of education…..Method has a few comprehensive laws according to which details shape themselves….System, on the contrary, has an infinity of rules and instructions as to what you are to do and how you are to do it….System leads nature…Does Nature endow every young thing, child or kitten, with a wonderful capacity for inventive play? Nay, but,says System, I can help here; I will invent games for the child and help his plays,….So Dame System teaches the child to play, and he enjoys it; but alas, there is no play in him, no initiative, when he is left to himself.” –from “Parents and Children”, Ch 16. 

Trouble is, we’ve all been raised with System. So it’s been quite the learning curve to use a method. But in case you were wondering, that is what is different about this approach. Simply using historical fiction does not make a curriculum “Charlotte Mason style”. I any case, she didn’t exclusively use fiction. But it’s about the approach. 

Nor does this make it child led, so it would be wrong to include Charlotte Mason with Delight Directed or unschooling. Rather the feast is chosen by the teacher, not the child, and it is a full feast, not lacking anything in the way of ideas that feed the child’s mind. Then it is spread before him, and the teacher then leads the child to the feast. From there, “Method pursues a ‘wise passiveness’. You watch the teacher and are hardly aware he is doing anything.” That’s the difference. 


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